You must avoid kompot, and collect other dolls to make you bigger.

Space - Jump


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Cool game! I really like the simplicity of the game mechanics.

Just a note. It took me some time to get the second jump and be able to play normally. But maybe it's just me, I'm really bad at this kind of game :)


Hey, really interesting game. One thing tho, I'm not sure if it was intended but the second jump is shorter the longer you press Space and really longer when you just barely tap it. The difficult increment is nice but there is a point where you can't literally pass because the next obstacle is coming to fast and it's too high and the doll is still falling. Great game!




Very interesting concept. I enjoy how the difficulty drastically increase. It's difficulty reminds me of some of my favorite games which are all very challenging.

Thank you for opinion, I'm glad that you like my game :)